martedì 14 novembre 2017

LXIV - Commission: Death Guard II wave, showcase

Hi you all readers!
I am arrived in the end of the second wave of the Dark Imperium Death Guard! Pigments are applied, and gloss to the trim of the bases, so they are officially finished. Oh well, Mortarion is not finished, but it is a small detail. However I think he needs a special post for himself.
Here we go!

domenica 5 novembre 2017

LXIII - Commission: Death Guard II wave, Wip

Hi readers!
I'm alive, sorry for the lack of post.
I'm working on the second part of the Death Guard project, a great commission of 40k goryness.
The work proceed not too much fast, but steady, due also other things in life -out-the-hobby.
However, I managed to finish all the pox (surprise for the showcase post!), the marines converted, I am at a good point of the drone and I started to assembly the big one, Mortarion himself.
Here we go!

giovedì 19 ottobre 2017

LXII - Commission: II wave of Death Guard, wip

Hi readers!
Gladly I have to paint another group of the great Death Guard for the same army, here posted if interested.
I am frankly happy that the customer is satisfyied by the I wave to continue in expanding the army.
Luckily he is giving me the best balance in hints and freedom, making the work very smooth. He had the idea of the painting scheme, and I realized it in my way, making happy all of us.

giovedì 12 ottobre 2017

LXI - Tutorial: Skeletons and bones

Hi readers!
It's been a while since I posted something, however here we go, with a new post, a tutorial about Skeletons and bones.

As you know, my gory attitude is quite strong, so generally I paint skulls and bones ( the most common gadgets in WH40K and AoS) simply with some white and covered them with blood, like fresh fruits peeled off (uhm, quite grim also for my standard).

mercoledì 20 settembre 2017

LX - One year of De Silentio Umbrae

Hi readers!
First year of this blog, De Silentio Umbrae. Some of you know this is not my first blog, but I am quite happy about how things evolve fastly: after some sadness, we have to start something new, and I am satistied about what happened, i.e. this new blog. I think that I'm going to do a yearly recap when the blog birthday occurs, and not at the end of the year. Let's go!